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"to get the volume discount without having the volume!"
To learn how to start saving money on your shipping and warehousing needs and benefiting from unparalleled customer service, please contact us so that we can provide you with a free, customized proposal that will show you how.
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The next time you are in the market for 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) Services or Logistics Management in the Burlington, Hamilton or Mississauga areas, we hope you will call us at

If you are in the business of shipping out products to customers, expect only the best from PriorityBiz, as we only use a network of professional packers, loaders, and shippers to get your business parcels and freight to their next destination, timely and efficiently.
Complete and customized solutions to manage your standard and expedited delivery needs regardless if their destination is across town, across country or across the globe.
Getting your shipment delivered on-time and managing your entire inventory and fulfillment needs with cost-savings and best in class service in mind are our Priority!

No matter the size of your company, our Buffalo, NY Shipping and Order Fulfillment services-based operation can meet all of your logistics needs in an affordable manner.

Our proximity to Canada makes us an ideal Warehouse and Fulfillment partner for companies in the Toronto Ontario region.

Our managed distributions network can help your firm save money on all of your Freight Forwarding and Trucking needs --we use only the best 3rd party Trucking and Air Freight companies to get your products from point to point. At PriorityBiz, we handle all the details of facilitating your logistics and fulfllment needs!

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Complete Fulfillment & Distribution Solutions, and Express Shipping

Sunday, 19, October, 2014  

Using a 20-foot shipping container, this man explains some of the decisions he made while constructing of his bunker. How To Build A Underground Shelter With A Shipping Container (Video) www.treehugger.comThe abundance of shipping containers means that they've popped up as housing, as schools, funhouses, shopping malls and as emergency shelters. And now for the survivalists among us, there's the underground shipping container

Monday, 29, September, 2014  

We use a computerized inventory system to manage products sent to and from our warehouse.

Tuesday, 16, September, 2014  

Apart from serving as a hotel, the project would also have other applications, such as emergency relief housing or medical care units. In other words, the shipping container rooms can be shipped to any location and used for a variety of purposes. A Stackable Hotel Made of Recycled Shipping Containers www.jetsongreen.comThe Hong Kong-based architecture firm OVA Studio recently unveiled their plans for a so-called Hive-Inn, which is a hotel build from shipping containers. Their plans call for a structure, which can be added to or removed from by simply adding or removing the shipping container units at need, and inů